Recent draft papers

This is a list of drafts I am currently working on. I hope to see these documents to become papers soon.

Recent published papers

Here there is a list of drafts that very likely will never be published:


Open source projects

Some open source software projects I'm currently involved in:

  • Universal Node: is a sort of “datacenter in a box”, hence providing functions similar to an OpenStack cluster, but limited to a single server.

  • FROGv4: is an SDN/NFV/cloud service orchestrator that supports multiple heterogeneous domains.

  • IOVisor-OVN: it extends the current Open Virtual Networking (OVN) project with a new backend based on the IOVisor technology.

Some open source software project I was involved in:

  • WinPcap: a library for packet capture and network analysis for Windows

  • WinDump: the porting of the famous tcpdump tool

  • Analyzer: graphical network sniffer for Windows

  • WebLibrary: a simple tool used to create online documentation, that can be easily printed (maintaining a good looking layout) and includes PowerPoint slides to be used in class.

  • 46Bouncer: a simple tool that accepts IPv4/IPv6 connections and translates them to IPv6/IPv4. Useful to make IPv4 servers / applications available on the IPv6 domain

  • GT: a tool for extracting ground truth from traffic traces, developed in in collaboration with University of Brescia (Italy)

  • iNFAnt: an engine for Non-Deterministic Automata on nVidia GPUs

  • Dyn@NG: a simple interface for virtualizing Cisco labs (through Dynamips)

  • NetBee: the evolution of the WinPcap library; it offers a much more powerful object-based interface and it implements several modules (packet decoding, packet sniffing, ...) that can be used from external programs. Available for Windows and Linux.